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Fuel Injection for your Mopar

Many of you know me and my approach to fixing, upgrading or simply making your car unique as being a "Built it, not Bought it" kind of style.

Just look through the tech articles and the various upgrades I have shared with you in the Tech Center on the Clubs website. I'm always looking for ways to upgrade my 1966 Barracuda and its 1966 automotive technology.

The changes I've made from stock are not too far off what was available in 1966. Front Disc brakes and anti sway bar to name a few. Electronic Ignition was a great upgrade toward modern technology, but what about Fuel Delivery? I mean we have mostly have had a single choice, Carburetors. But what if we could have Fuel Injection? What if we could have a tune able system with off the shelf components available at any parts store? What if we could do it ourselves without purchasing a mega dollar kit? Well, I'm here to tell you that we can!
I started doing research into injection systems about 8 months ago as I got tired of messing with carburetors. Adjust, readjust, rebuild, tune, swap, etc. It simply drives me nuts thinking there could be a better way. I found a link in the For A Bodies Only forum to a International Harvester/ Scout forum where the poster lays out in detail how to adapt mid 90's GM TBI (Throttle Body Injection) to their vehicles.

Woah! Hold off on the "I'm Not Putting any GM crap on my Mopar" thoughts for now and hear me out. This is do able.

Bill Hamilton is the author and explains everything from distributor mods, to sorting out the harness,To installing a fuel pump, to actually showing how to reprogram the chips in the computer. His instructions give you step by step details how to do it all. You can use his info to build a system that controls spark and fuel that will give you a better starting and running car with better fuel mileage to a system that can be tuned for performance applications. Just swap the injectors and flash the chip.

If you are not too keen on sorting out all that wiring, Bill can sell you a custom harness, a chip, an adapter plate or a complete system. His prices are pretty reasonable.

From Bill,
"The harness is $300
The chip is $100
and the 2 barrel adapter is $100
All the other parts can be picked up at the junkyard if desired. I started out finding systems in junkyards and neighbors yards!!

The complete system is $1399.95"

There are a few things that he does not show in his forum threads that is specific to our cars, like the dist mods or how to modify your fuel sending unit for the fuel return line. I will be performing this upgrade over the winter and you can bet I will take lots of pictures to help you out with those areas. I've already spoken to Bill and he will be checking my work so I don't pass on some bad intel.

The TBI forum threads will have everything from wiring diagrams to voltage readings to best practices and good suggestions to get you going.

Let me place the links to Bill's forum threads below. Bill is a stand up guy and has already helped a couple of us Early Barracuda and Valiant owners, he will answer your questions. All he asks is that before you contact him, Please, Please read the FAQ's in him forum first. It really does give you all the details you will need to perform the upgrades necessary to install TBI on your car. TBI has a lot of components so it will be a lot of reading.

To see all the pictures in the threads you may need to join the forum. If you are serious about installing TBI on your car I suggest you do.

The Main FAQ Page - START HERE

This link is a step by step guide from used parts purchase to running, testing and tweaking.

Here is the Early A Body forum thread to see one members rough start and how Bill helped get him going.

Bill has joined our forum to assist our members so you can contact him that way, or if you are more serious about installing TBI, contact me and I will give you his email address.

UPDATE! Follow my Fuel Injection build over at the Early A Body Forums.

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