Saturday, April 8, 2017

Project Rallye 'Cuda Kicks off

I bought my Barracuda in 1996 and slowly repaired everything needed to get the car road worthy. I was able to get the car registered in 2007 and drove the car to Carlisle the first time in 2008 and have been driving ever since performing a few upgrades and modifications along the way.

Much of the rust repair has been done, but it was done outside and covered with cheap primer, the original paint was primed over in spots with cheap primer too. The cowl rust was never addressed and there are a few spots in the corners of both the windshield and the rear window that need attention.

Its time to take the car off the road and finally strip the car down to bare metal, one section at a time, and properly treat the metal with epoxy primer. Then finish any welding and rust repair an move on the filler work and block sanding in preparation to get the car painted.

I've been putting off all of this. I didn't want to take the car off the road, I was having too much fun driving it. But it needs too much repair work before I can drive it safely. The tires are now over 10 years old and unsafe, the engine rear main seal leaks badly, the driveshaft needs balancing and a few dozen smaller issues that need working out.

Its time. Time to begin restoration 2.0 and finish my car. All the above issues will be worked out over the same time frame the bodywork is being done. Besides, the engine has to come out anyway to paint the engine compartment anyway.

Follow the progress on the Project Rallye 'Cuda page here