Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tech Archives - Spark Plug Gap

OK, What brand plugs and part number are you running in your engine and why and do you run a different gap if you have electronic ignition? I'm using the standard Champion plugs for a V8 at the standard gap.
Roger Kizer

not a V8, but here's my recent experience with plug gap. I have a slant with the "special" ngk rz5es (I think that's right) plugs. I have the orange box ignition. A couple of weeks ago I changed the gap from stock .035 to .040. I can't say what other effects it had, but the car starts cold noticeably faster. It's not like it didn't start fine before; it just went from 3-4 turns to 1-2 turns before catching. I'll try .045 after I figure out what else this has affected.   Daryl Howland

I run the NGK ZFR5N (stock number is 3459) Plugs in ALL 6 of my slants and LOVE them. Gap at 40 or 45 and get better starts, better mileage, And less fouling. Remember to remove the crush washer too. ( I use dykes to cut them off).   Frank Brent

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mopar Of The Week - October 28, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tech Archives - "On The Fly" Iginition Timing

I'm adding a new section to the Blog called Tech Archives. Just a re-post of tech related conversations from the mailing list that can also be found on the Clubs main site.

About the pinging/ knocking: I really don't know that much about ignitions and it might be a really stupid question, but doesn't the ECU (the car was upgraded to electronic ignition) control the ignition timing? Is there even a way to adjust that?  Steve Grohne

The electronic ignition eliminated your points, but not the distributor. It is still there and you can loosen the bolt to spin it more or less advanced. Got a timing light?   Daryl Howland

Unfortunately I don't have a timing light...  Steve Grohne

Timing can be done seat of the pants. You just get it to knock (pre-ignite, spark too early) at acceleration and start turning it back (retarding) until you dont hear the knock anymore. Takes about 5 minutes and an open road, or a really big parking lot on a Sunday morning.   Steve Wander

3,000 rpm - turn dist till motor smooths out - lock it down - Works for all motors from stock to my race motors.   Kerry Shu

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Automotive Burn Out.

Have you ever worked on something for so long you just got tired of it? So much so that even the thought of it made you want to do it less and less? Thats how Iv'e felt for the past year. Except for me, it's not just working on my car, it's working on the entire EVBC club itself.

My car is one thing that needs some attention. It needs a vacuuming and a good wash. The interior needs a wipe down and the chrome polished. The Windows need washing and the bumpers and mirrors need a polish too.

The Car Club was something else all together. Emails went unanswered, Google group membership and Facebook requests fell on deaf ears. Blog posts stopped completely. Web site additions non existent.