Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tech Archives - Spark Plug Gap

OK, What brand plugs and part number are you running in your engine and why and do you run a different gap if you have electronic ignition? I'm using the standard Champion plugs for a V8 at the standard gap.
Roger Kizer

not a V8, but here's my recent experience with plug gap. I have a slant with the "special" ngk rz5es (I think that's right) plugs. I have the orange box ignition. A couple of weeks ago I changed the gap from stock .035 to .040. I can't say what other effects it had, but the car starts cold noticeably faster. It's not like it didn't start fine before; it just went from 3-4 turns to 1-2 turns before catching. I'll try .045 after I figure out what else this has affected.   Daryl Howland

I run the NGK ZFR5N (stock number is 3459) Plugs in ALL 6 of my slants and LOVE them. Gap at 40 or 45 and get better starts, better mileage, And less fouling. Remember to remove the crush washer too. ( I use dykes to cut them off).   Frank Brent

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