Saturday, February 16, 2008

Classic Cars and Winter Driving

Some of you don’t know how good you really have it. I am envious of those who live in the warmer states where if you chose could drive your “special ride” year round. I’m sure there are those of you who are envious of us in the northeast where we can drive our cars at least 6 to 8 months of the year. (I’m looking at our Canadian friends).

It’s February in Connecticut and I have been driving my car on the nice weekends just to diagnose various issues. Recently I had replaced the stock 25 year old coil and went for a drive testing the improved performance and trying to figure out where a vibration was that I have. I had just balanced the wheels and pulled out on the road when it started to snow a little. I figured it was just passing flurries as the weather guy wasn’t calling for anything.

As I pulled on the highway for a 1 exit blast, the flurries turned to snow showers. I’m thinking “This Sucks!” as I get the car up to 75, 80 MPH and feel the vibration I was looking for. I get to the off ramp ready for the return trip and the snow got worse.

At this point I have to turn on the wipers and what is the one thing I did not replace yet? Yup, the wiper blades! I took the return trip back at the safer 65 MPH, the snow blowing over the car as I drove. I get the car home safely and as I was pulling into the garage the snow turned to rain.

Right now I’m in “Carlisle” mode. I’m doing whatever I can do to get my car ready to drive to the All-Chrysler Nationals for the first time and good ol’ Mother Nature is playing the spoiler.
So yeah, I’m envious of you who have better weather year round. Enjoy it, relish it and feel for us in the cooler climes that can only look out the window and wait for Spring or even Summer to take the Hot Rod for a weekend blast.

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