Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second coming of the Muscle Car era

Driving to work the other day I found myself letting a new Mustang GT pass, then sped up just to get a look at it. On the way home I drove past a side street and srtetched my neck to get a look at the new Yellow Charger with black stripes come down the road.

With the new Challenger coming out soon as well as the Camaro and other retro projects, it feels good to look around and see some interesting cars on the road, changing the driving landscape from the boring everyday "jelly bean" cars we see day in and day out to an exciting sea of bright colored, high horsepower metal.

I was about six years old at the height of the Muscle Car era and don't remember much, but I'm told that when these cars were new, it was sort of the same attitude we have about todays cars. Normal. Everyday. Same old stuff.

In 1970 my 1966 Barracuda was four years old and two models behind. Fairly run of the mill, not exciting and relagated to daily transportation. It was only as I entered High School that I saw value in these older cars. Oh yea, the 1978 Mustang II was "real cool" and the gaudy 5 mph bumpers on the new Camaro was a real design statement, these cars never got my interest.

Flash forward to 2008. What was old is new again. The styles of the late 60's and early 70's is in vogue and we have more to look at on the highways than the lackluster styles of today. I'm a Mopar guy and the New challenger excites me as does the pictures of the 2008 Barracuda designed by the same company that did the Challenger. Ford has the new Mustang that I feel is so well done that I do a double take whenver I see one. Chevrolet is releasing the Camaro in a remake of the 1969 model, one can only hope they release a Pontiac Firebird as well since their GTO was so ill recieved.

With so much new retro tin rolling the highways and byways soon, I hope to experience what I missed as a child and witness the coming of the modern Muscle Car era.

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