Friday, February 15, 2013

Rally 'Cuda Front End

I'm very picky about the look of my car and take my time with any custom changes I do to it to make sure they keep true to the era and don't come off looking cheesy or "bolted on". I Want it to look smooth and refined almost like the factory could have done it.

Over the years its evolved into what I'm calling a 1966 Rallye 'Cuda. The Hood started the look, the rims continued it as well as the side stripes and Formula S badges on the lower front fenders.

Now, I'm thinking about continuing the look with adding dual exhaust dumping out in front of the rear tires. I'm also considering another front end change. I like the 1966 grill so I wont mess with that, but what about swapping the bumper for a 1965 Barracuda bumper and the lower valance like a 72, 73 'Cuda? That might be taking it too far and lose too much of the 1966 look.

I would make a custom valance from fiberglass and could incorporate brake cooling ducts or round driving lights instead of the rectangle ones.

I (badly) Photo shopped my car to get an idea of what it might look like. I'd like to hear your thoughts or if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.



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DonC1965 said...

Not a fan of the look. Seems like the car is grinning. Can you photoshop a 1965 valance on? Since its a rally cuda, how about a full chin spoiler? Of corse you'll need to drop the car about 2" also! How about no bumper?