Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Makes You A Car Guy?

What makes you a car guy? Or car girl for that matter? Why do you like cars? What makes you pause when a Hemi Roadrunner drives down the road? Why do you stop at tag sales when there's car parts laying on the lawn?

Driving to work today I was asking myself these questions and I can't really pinpoint a specific answer. I don't know if its a lifestyle or a sub-culture, but I like being known as a car guy.

This past year while experiencing my "Automotive Burnout", I still knew I was a car guy because I would see an older car on the highway, or drive past a cruise night and I felt that spark inside me light up for a moment. I can still tell most makes and models by the headlights or the tail lights. I still liked to see the cars even if I didn't want to stop and look around.

I finally snapped out of it and have a new upgrade to focus on at the moment. The questions still linger. What is it about these older cars that I like? Well, I like making something worn out work again. I like making something old, new and usable. I like being seen in my car when I drive around and taking time to talk to people in parking lots about cars.

I like upgrading old technology with new components to improve its function. I like putting my personal spin and custom touches on a stock design and making it my own.

Ask yourself some of these questions. Why are you a car guy or girl? Why do you do it? Do you like NASCAR or NHRA, SCCA, or all of the above? Do you like restored originals or custom built machines? Do you appreciate the craftsmanship of a "built, not bought" muscle car? Do you like driving around in a classic or walking around the local cruise night once in awhile?

Is it the smell of grease, oil and gas in the garage? Is working on your car some form therapy for you? Do you like body work or building a 400 HP small block? Do you want to see how fast you can go or how many MPG you can get? Is it the smell of a burnout that gets you going?

Is it the music you listen to and the food you eat at car shows that keeps you coming back? Do you have fond memories as a kid of your Dad's or Mom's car?

Or is it just the feeling of driving down the road, any road, in your car with the radio blasting your favorite tunes, drinking a Coke and just enjoying the ride? Yeah, That works for me!

Post your reasons in the comments below.


Dustin said...

Its in my dna. I like to get dirty and fix things. Not a huge fan of racing, but enjoy most every car I come across.

Steve W said...

growing up poor, I realized the value in learning to repair my own stuff, got it from my dad. Just a secure feeling to know that if I break down, I have a fighting chance I can fix it to get myself home. My dad would bring home mechanical things like clocks and typewriters just so I could take them apart and see what made them tick. Most kids were getting hot wheels for Christmas, I was getting screwdriver sets. I have to admit that these modern cars, EFI and scan tools scare me. If I up and die on the road, I dont even know where to start troubleshooting. I lifted the hood of my 96 when it died and laughed, "What the heck am I looking for?"

Curtis Wood in Texas said...

Very well expressed about being a car guy! I think all those things but think it uncool to express them openly. Not manly I guess I think. Bringing back anything from useless to useful does fufill me in ways that are hard to express. Thanks for writing those things!!!

Anonymous said...

Being a car guy is like eating, sleeping, fixing anything. I was once told I could fix anything from the crack of dawn to a broken heart. I love anything mechanical and hate cookie cutter cars and people who don't know how to fix what the bought. if you got the cash to pay to get it fix, you don't know what it's like to be a car guy.
My logic is, if a man made it and put it together another man can fix it. Too many people are scared of the new technology. Once you understand on how all that stuff works it's easy. Get our of your comfort zone! It's not hard!