Monday, February 9, 2009

From "Da Prez's" Garage

A few random observations to share.

Has this happened to you? You've been working in the garage all day any your significant other comes down to see how things are going. You get close to get a little kiss and you get this. " Eww, you smell like car." How do you respond to that? I mean, what can you say to that?

" Well, Hell Yeah I do!" "It's my new cologne, ode de car guy." "Huh, I don't smell anything except the burritos I had for lunch."

Space heaters are not overated. I got a good sized kerosene heater to warm the garage so I can get some work done on the car this winter and I have made some good progress. "Heat, it's not just for Summer."

Air Compressor. Don't forget to turn it off when your done or it will leak pressure slowly to the point where the low pressure switch trips and the compressor turns on to refill the tank. This is only a problem if your garage is directly below your bedroom at it kicks on at 3 AM.

When using a can of brake cleaner to clean a transmission valve body, wear a face shield. That stuff burns.

To wrap things up, don't lie upside down to take pictures under your dash with a head cold. The pressure is too much and your pictures look bad.

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