Friday, July 11, 2008

My Car Arrived at Carlisle!

Hello EVBC'ers,
My 1966 Barracuda made the 5 1/2 hour trip with no issues. Unless you count the fact that it took 7 1/2 hours to get here.

It all started in the garage. The car was packed, we were ready to go and it would not start. I smelled gas and thought I flooded it. I unpacked the trunk, pulled out the tool box, put the fender cover on the car and removed the front 2 plugs on the left side. The plugs were dry.

OK, I thought. I put them back in, put on the wires, pumped the bejeuzzes out of the throttle and cranked it. She started right up. That's what I get for letting it sit for three days without starting her up.

So we re-loaded the car and off we went. at 5:00 pm. on a major highway. Heading west. Whose bright idea was that!

We hit rush hour traffic in multiple construction zones with the sun in my face through a pitted windshield. Yeah, fun!

At 8:00 pm we pulled off the highway for a bite to eat and let the car cool off and to top off the tank. 45 min later we were back on the road but it wasn't long before we hit more evening road work. and more and more night construction. First it was the left lane, then the right lane.

Then the left lane, but this time they had half of the right lane blocked off too so we were riding half in the lane, half in the breakdown lane right on those "Don't you dare fall asleep at the wheel" rumble strips. At this point my arms hurt and were going numb.

We finally closed in on the exit we needed to take to get to my Aunt and Uncle's house where we are staying for the weekend. We pull off, turn right at the end of the ramp, left on the road we need and then yet again the road fairies threw us another curve ball. "Road Closed" WTF!

OK turn around, get back on the highway, go to the next exit, stop, pull the Blackberry out and check the maps to make sure I was going in the right direction. We finally pulled in the driveway at 12:30 am and promptly went to sleep. Man that was fun! (sarcasm).

Anyway, we got up, fired up the car and headed into Carlisle where the traffic was light, the humidity was low, cruised to the fairgrounds and finally fulfilled a 14 year dream!

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